Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael made me want to buy all his CDs.

Rest in piece, Jackson.

I can never cover your songs.

Even Mayer said your songs are uncoverable.

Was thinking of it, but it's impossible.

You're one of a kind.

The one and only King.

Rest in piece, Jackson.

Rest in piece.

Don't forget to come by sometimes(no, better don't). I'm preparing a song for you.


  1. Nice blog.selamat berkenalan.
    linked (:

    Er The Venopian tu band kamu?

  2. haha. u'd freak out if he came by to say hello.

  3. Facet.

    Hm. More like One-(wo)man band.
    Thank you(bayangkan ada sebijik smiley di sini. saya tak suka taip smiley).


    Haha. Aku mungkin kena serangan jantung dan mati kemudiannya. Mungkin.