Tuesday, June 9, 2009



I just finished(not really) counting the number of completely written(handwritten AND typed, with melodies la kan) songs that i have, and they all sum up to 55, (my favourite number, even if there weren't 55 i'd say they are anyway), which technically means i have 5 albums in store(store, as in the place our fathers put their tools and ancient things).

And we have 52 weeks a year, so it would only be reasonable if i post at least a song each week, starting with whatever's at the sidebar. You can't call me a procrastinator if i were to do that, can you?

And (what's diselangselikan in English again?) with doodles that i draw on a business-card sized blue cards, or wherever, just to show(off) that albeit i suck at science subjects i can still do doodles.

Unlike the two friends of mine who are both good at everything, both science and art. I hate them, those Chinese-bred-mix geniuses.

Anywhoozle, i'll be posting embedded media and lyrics so you can sing along and get ear, throat and eye infection because my songs are so, so bad.