Sunday, February 14, 2010

God Loves You.

For myself and those who had had numerous downfalls.

Wow. It is in fact my first song that has the cheesy gooey L-word in it.

But then again, it's the relationship between God and worshipper, so.


Melodi & Lirik : Suiko

Everyday i pray and pray for God to give me what i want
Is it my fault that i've been working so hard
I can't fathom why others can go ahead
And leave me behind instead
I just don't want to do this anymore.

Everyday i wish for my fate today would be okay
I also hoped that my motivation doesn't go astray
I couldn't fathom why others can play
Yet, i am here, i'm here to stay
I just don't want to do this anymore.

Ai, give me strength
Please, give me strength

From that day onwards i felt like i've lost my only past
Not only that, i know i've lost my future path
That i've been seeing for so long
Living in for so long
It's not that easy to take these things, you know.

Ai, give me strength
Please, God, give me strength

I know you've planned out a better future for me
I know you've written down years of brighter days for me
I know you love me as much as you do the
Others who are now free little bees
But i know you love me more than you do the bees
I know you love me more than i love me.


  1. any proper release?hit me at

  2. NO WAY, my old friend from thesixtyone! thats rad.
    I just showed your blog to my friend, who right away was like
    "!!!!!! shes the female patrick watson!!!!!"
    which I would say is a huge compliment..

    cool. nice to hear from you again, um I'll try and find some way to get lyrics to you sometime. :)