Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hey hey hey. No i'm not back i'm going away again after this.

This is incomplete. Incomplete, meaning by, it is instrumentless. I don't know what instrument should go with it. I found the vocal melodies. But i think it sucks. Well, everything i do sucks though.

Trying to re-contact Nick Layman because he wanted to collaborate with me like, ages(some time in last year's trimester wait what no basically about probably November last year) ago, when i was busy doing exactly nothing back then and NOW when i have too many work needed to be done i suddenly have this stupid idea of finally accepting his collaboration request and sent him this.

Sorry i couldn't open your reverbnation account and check your recent works. Stupid school.

And, i would like to try this out : what would happen, like mental-wise, like thoughts-wise, like opinion-wise, like oowh you get me, if you were to know the lyrics of a song before the song actually comes out?

Because that's what awesome-looking trailers do to movies; they disappoint people.

So yeah. Do tell me how disappointed you feel.


Post-Devil Syndrome(it's a stupid title, i know, shut up)

i have way too many scars and dejavus
in a place i've never known that i've been to
i suffer way too much mental disorder from chasing the running time
i'm not that divine

i kiss my wounds to make it hurt less
but soon after i get another rest
a big arse slap across my face
reliving nightmares that has began to fade

stop dead on my track
turn round to look back
on all the sins i've had

i try to shoot them down one by one
with a gun glazed with good deeds i have done
but i have to say i question its source and force from within
i've only committed gory since the early dawn begin

to no avail i have laboured
attempts to bury the worst
the evidence of my existence in the deepest Earth

the impact was as gratifying as tidying up the garbage mountain,
a hundred thousand years gathered by sinister misters
the fury of all eyes who see was as angered, fueled up and burned, on boundless revenge, cold hands of an avenger
the pain keeps on degrading as much as a boulder under a fountain uncountable shrunken days misty haze in the darkest of a night
the view was as insightful as a duel of man and bull,
its horns piercing twice, deep into pride, of the lad in the fight

i have way too many scars and dejavus
in a place i've always known that i've never been to


The idea of this silly song is...something like...a criminal, ex-convict if you will, tries to redeem itself* in its prison cell(and after it had gone out of prison). But people cannot forgive it for committing crimes way beyond inhumane, thus people would like to see it rot in Hell, like now. Like they want to kill it ASAP.

And when it comes to the last verse, everything that happened before that was actually the criminal's imagination. It having dejavus, or better yet, premonition about its future life.

Dang. It was supposed to be about-me narcissistic. The first verse was exactly that. But then it turned into some criminal-like thing.

That was weird.


* I use 'it' not because criminals are disgusting(more like intimidating), i just wish English has a unisexual term for a person with an unknown gender. Or is that corrent? Hm.

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