Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Agh this is embarrassing.


I just want to write something.

Ok lies.

Dandelion Radio's DJ who goes by the name Mark Whitby is a living proof that the gremlin music my conscience produce, does bewitch people.

This past 4 months alone he kept slipping in a song of mine every bloody month during his session. Let's recap by month and song name.

1. August - The Groupie Song

4. November(yes, this month!) - God Loves Me

(I find it ridiculous direct-linking you to the ear-bleeding craps, but as if you'd ever click any of it, so)

If he's still cursed by the spell casted by them gremlins, the odds are he's going to play yet another around 10:50 AM December 5.

Of course I hope he will, it's the minute I was born!

But the odds are low. 4 is just too big a number.

And a repetition at that.

I told my whole family about it. And Mother gave me the best response in the midst of 'Link apa ni?', 'Macam mana nak dengar?' and 'Where can we find it?'.

Which is, 'I'm so proud of you, but don't forget your purpose of furthering your studies there.'

Of course, Ma. This is just a medium for me to fool around.

Sorry. For my conscience to maximise her gremlination.

Oh, did I mention I'm coming back this coming March?

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