Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vinyl records.

Assalamualaikum(peace be upon you, applies to everyone, regardless of religion or atheism, i pray for your well being, please note that i'll be using this from now on, and i pray for you as my token of appreciation).


I said if.

No don't assume i'm going to do it.

Bear in mind i am a lazy arse, the best procrastinator there is.

Stop you're assuming again.


Thank you.






If i were to sell CDs, would you or would you not buy them?

Let me state out the obvious:

1. It would be hand-made, not mass-printed, so it'll take time. Doodles and lyrics will be printed in a booklet which again, i'll make.

2. I shall include a printed picture of whatever i've taken; it could be anything, as a gift from me to you. I assure you it's pretty(though this is not one of the obvious points, it is still included).

3. Includes all the details you need : album art, album title, song title, artist, lyrics, so it would look good on your iPod/iTunes/beloved Windows Media Player.

4. I won't re-record the songs unless it really needs re-recording and if you notice the mismatching audible lyrics and typed one, please ignore for i am too, too lazy to re-record EEEEEEVERYTHIIIIING.

5. I'll include singles and covers (and an album and a compilation) all in one CD. They're very small in terms of megabytes, trust me. So playing the CD in your car might be impossible unless you know how to make such CDs like which format and whatnot.

6. I would give the CDs to you by hand. BY HAND. Because i really really hate Malaysian Postal Service. At least you get to see my face but not learn my real name haha.

7. In case you live outside Malaysia, i suggest you to just download the songs off my thesixtyone page. You can request for the lyrics, album art and other stuff; i shall gladly upload the whole batch for you. Unless you insist on posting money which is highly not recommended. But i'd still do all of those hand-made stuff. I don't have Paypal, and my mother won't allow that; thus i cannot do online transactions.

8. Hey no fair Malaysians have to pay for that and the non-malaysians get all that for free. Sheesh you don't get the point do you. Plus you're not obligated to buy; if you want to buy i'd be gladly hand-make the album the cover the drawings the lyrics EEEEEVERYTHIIIIIING.


To sell, or not to sell?


  1. sure
    i'll be buying
    i live in shah alam tho so hope u're not like sumwhere JB or KB or BB or TB or elsewhere far. i consider rawang and kajang as far ... am that old u know ... ahaks

    one thing tho, i like it that u r being anonymous. wear a mask or do anything creative so not only the name, even the look remains anonymous. maybe we shud do that mission impossible thing or sumthing ... i dunno.

    still ... yes, u hv urself a buyer.

  2. hoh..jumpa pon ko..

    ko kat mana sekarang
    ~shahira g11