Thursday, October 1, 2009


For my listeners who does not know Malay.

I shall teach you a bit about this song.

In fact i'd translate it for you.

Because i assume some might not know the existence of a country called Malaysia on the world map.

And the Malay language was a lingua franca once upon a very long time ago.


Penjual Ikan.

Penjual(pehn-joo-ahl) = Seller.
Ikan(ee-kahn) = Fish

Fish Seller=Fishmonger.

Try to not emphasize on the 'h' too much; just a soft one. You'll get there somehow.

Bold=Malay, Not Bold= Translation.

EDIT : i give up direct translating. I shall instead translate the metaphors into their proper English counterparts.

Not only because I'm darn lazy; it sounds way too weird if i were to directly translate them.

Trust me.


Penjual Ikan

hei kau, yang menjadi pemusnah diri sendiri
-hey you, one who destroys yourself
lintah makan diri
-a leech(metaphor : bloodsucker) eating itself
hei kau, pantas bidas dengan selibas kata pedas
-hey you, swiftly snapped back with sharp words(met : cynical/sarcastic comments)
hati cukup keras
- (you're very)cold-hearted

kau bilang kita kan bangun, sepuluh tahun dulu, dulu
-you said that we're going towards civilisation, ten years ago, long ago
nampaknya kata-kata nista yang ku percaya, kau sudah lupa
- looks like you forgot your own words of deception

(sayang jangan lepas tangan begitu saja, tidak elok)
-honey, don't give a cold shoulder to that, it's inappropriate

hei kau, pertahankan warisan atau hartawan
-hey you, (are you) protecting our heritage or the aristocrats?
si mata duitan
-(you) the greedy arse[haha this is wrong in a way but it suits on what i was trying to say]
hei kau, tikam Bumi dan diri istana sendiri
-hey you, stabbing the Earth and building your castle[=hurting mother nature get the idea]
walaupun dicaci
-Albeit you were mocked

kau bilang itu rahsia, kerabat keluarga, dari Nusantara
-you said it was a family's secret, family from Nusantara*
nampaknya keringat kita diluah semua, pada...
-looks like our hardwork is wasted on...(botox*)[=we go to work, we earn money, we pay the taxes, and the big people use them to go for expensive Carribean holidays or get supplies of Botox]

(sayang itu kan haram, tidak elok)
-honey, that's illegal(in Islam), that's not good.

hei kau, jual maruah sambil hisap darah

-hey you, (you) who sell (your) dignity while sucking blood[=bloodsucker]
tidak tahu parah
-doesn't know agony[=doesn't know when to stop even after receiving the wrath]
hei kau, yang berdiri dengan kaki si kuli
-hey you, one who stands on your slaves feet[=he who can't stand on his own]
penting diri
-sell fish ≈ fish seller = fishmonger

Selfish. Geddit?

*There were news about this one particular Menteri Besar; this is the best interpretation from the press that i've found. FYI, we(I, more like) rely on freelance(?) blogs more than the goverment-controlled media...most of us who hates their drama at least.

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