Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zero Decibel.

I was bored.

No i wasn't.

Zero Decibel

i look up the meaning in the Oxford dictionary of the phrase
(prodigal son prodigal prodigal son)
and it said that it means a son who mooches off the parents' cash(parents' cash), and runs away from home

he wanders the world,
regrets then return,
back to the bosom of his...bed

then, there's a whole new level of a low-life female version she is called
prodigal daughter niece or sister
she mooches off the family the friends and everybody
what a leech (what a leech)
for her own sanity, she said

she curses her mummy,
for her hypocricy,
doesn't she see that she's made out of the same thing

prodigal daughter
you keep on yapping
even on nothing
prodigal daughter
i really loathe you

the dearest youngest daughter claimed she has a mental problem exp.
seeking for attention in a bundle of unthinkable notion(notion)
which none had ever heard of

she cries on not getting the things she wants
sulking for hours
she rebels on the troubles of other people's problems
as if she owns them
just like her mother
the prodigal daughter

prodigal daughter
you keep on babbling
even on nothing
prodigal daughter
i really hate you

i think it would be good, if the said phrase end up in the books
haven't yet you realize i'm talking about myself all this time
you can now go pray for your daughter not going dismay
but i think it would be better if we have more prodigal daughter
to make us feel less tortured
taking care the fortune we earned

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