Thursday, January 14, 2010

Teh Groupie Songsuh.

For groupies of all kinds : Cheerleaders gangsters best buds bffs bbfs bgf couples lovers drunken ones sober ones smokers non-smokers football haters football lovers no i was referring to what the Americans call soccer politicians arseholes golddiggers and planets.

Ok maybe not planets.



The ants have a goal.



Get the PB&J.

But suddenly, one got stepped on.

They're really, reeeeaaaally hungry.

Their whole colony is.

Won't any ant come to its assistance?

Assume that the monster stepping it has gone somewhere farther.

Would you, save Flik?

Sometimes we know the ants' true purpose of not helping out the fallen.

They are afraid they would fall too.

God's will, i know. But that doens't mean you have to be a B-, sorry, an arse-ant selling fish.

I might take some time to fulfil requests(collaboration, not plural, and friends requests) because i and some others are trying our best to help Flik.

To whom it may concern, i meant to upload the song this morning. So i am not celebrating anything really.

And to those who has been hoping to get their ears torn by my songs, i get to spread my ugly wings to a place i don't even care about.

Do not congratulate me, i'm helping Flik.

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