Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Because i have so, much, free time, my conscience decided I should go back to taking redonkulous pictures(the first passion i remember doing so...passionately).

I'm currently busy preparing myself for furthering my studies.

Prepare, as in packing. Not prep school i'm so frekkin done with that.

And despite being oh-so-bizeh(i get most song ideas just by being stressed, but perhaps i'm not), i cannot conjure a decent tune from any instrument.

Oh the horror.

So for the time being(before i get stressed out and emo and write songs and shait), I am Suiko the photographer.

No, no stupid SLRs, just a waterproof digital camera.


  1. record la satu lagu sblm pergi, =(

  2. Aww.

    I want to, but i can't seem to grasp the melody for this one particular cover on guitar.

    Piano's doing it justice, but i got lazy midway.

    Ok ok, i'll do it. Kesian pulak :D