Sunday, March 28, 2010

The things I do for you. For you!

From 2330 to 0130. Forty two hours before I leave this country. The things I do for you.

Direct-translated most of it. Some, like 'They're really saying, "I love you" ' was hard, so i replaced it with '....selamat sejahtera'

'Assalamualaikum' is 'Selamat sejahtera' is 'Peace be upon you'. And in this context, it's like the 'taulan', or 'friends' are praying for each other's well being, which also resembles how one shows the love to the other.

Why am i explaining. You people are wiser anyway.

I'm leaving Malaysia tomorrow. While i pray for your well being, i hope you would too.


Dunia Ini Indah

pokok menghijau, ros merah
berkembang, untuk kita
lalu ku berkata, dunia ini indah

langit membiru, awan terbang
hari cerah, malam berbintang
lalu ku berkata, dunia ini indah

hujan berhenti, pelangi berdiri
raut wajah yang berseri-seri
taulan bersapa, apa khabar?
walhal maksudnya, selamat sejahtera

bayi merintih, dan membesar
pelajari dunia luar
lalu ku berkata, dunia ini indah.


  1. Good luck. I think it'll be a good experience. Don't forget to keep making songs. You have a real gift!

    Also, I just wrote about you on my blog.

  2. yeay tq for the song!
    i'm going to miss u nnt, ecececeh, hehe
    good luck kat sana!

  3. lagi satu, this is for u

    melayu kan yg ni plak, hehe =p