Friday, June 4, 2010

Five Shades Of Lazy

Here's the bunch of video-ripped-very-get-me-away-from-this-devil-crappy-quality songs. Seriously, if only my laptop would befriend the awesome mic i bought, the embarrassing videos wouldn't have gone out to the world.


  1. Hi suiko, You have so much talent and creativity, why dont you invest in proper recording =)

  2. Hello, Kevin!

    No, I have no talent whatsoever nor creativity. Everything comes from some other dimension; my conscience usually goes there to steal ideas and stuff.

    I'm serious.

    And, I have legitimate reasonable reasons on why the quality is bad. Heck, it's hell.

    1. Bear in mind that this is just a hobby of mine. I'd spend money on hobbies, but not to the point i would go to a recording studio for the sake of sound quality.

    2. Following reason number 1, i am a full-time procrastinator and lazy-arse, and a part-time student. Even if i do have time to go to a studio i would instead spend the time rolling on the floor and stare at the ceiling.

    3. I bought a RM50 Philips mic that i left at home in Malaysia, and bought a new awesome mic in Japan that doesn't seem to compel with my newly-bought, there's-something-wrong-with-this-i-want-a-refund laptop.

    4. I bought another awesome SHURE mic but then after bringing it home and opening the box, i found out they only gave me the extension for the mic that doesn't have the jack at the end of the stupid extension. Don't blame me for not checking first; don't they always sell mics that fo shizz have extensions with jacks? I hate myself for having to go AGAIN to some music store and buy the extension with jack. In fact, i hate myself even more for not checking first.

    (My college is quite the kampung or 'inaka', as the Japanese say it. I have to go farther for the extension, but i can only do that after my exams which ends on the 15th, starting from 9th June)

    5. I'm a lazy person, so i just make do with whatever i've recorded, only because i keep on rerecording them for like a millizilliongoogolplex times when tiny mistakes after tiny mistakes happen. In fact, i get so pissed after keep on rerecording, i just let the tiny mistake slip till the end of production.

    And, i am trying to piss people off with my lo-fi recordings.

    No. But seriously.

    So yeah. I have invested in proper recording, but Karma somehow stops me from getting what i want; proper recording.

    I hope that answers the unasked question.

    Hm. It did. It sure did.

  3. hell, I guess the procrastinator in all of us got the better of you :/ But on the contrary despite the bedroom recording, my friends & colleagues actually like your voice and randomness, just so you know. Actually all of us in cravecharts like what you have :) Are you up for gigs?