Friday, June 4, 2010

Radical Boredom

Radical Boredom.

The product of legit pure endless near-death boredom.


as you can see,
it's not that easy,
living in this place,
just see how boring it is.

as you can hear,
there's everything to fear,
the quiet building
is scaring the daylight out of my living

the people around
went back to their town
spent their weekend
with families and friends

and i
just stay inside
rolling on the floor
doing things that i abhor

like reports, heck i don't do retort
stand and plan my day with homeworks.
like days, full with revision and matters that require my brain to work.

i'm frekkin bored,
i need to go outside and walk,
but the door is locked.
why on earth is it locked?

i just realised
i've been hospitalised
in a column
of a top secret asylum

because the public
says i ruin their picnic
and their child's
innnocent brilliant minds

well i say
let the children play
get them away from the books
or they'll become depressed crooks

i say,
let the children astray
i object the thoughts
that they should become programmed robots

i'm frekkin mad,
you shouldn't've made me sad,
i am throwing into the ring,
my lovely hat.

my lovely hat
that i've come to decorate
with the things that you hate
to pray for your loss in this game
i shall win for the sake
of your beloved's freedom
of your beloved's fandom
of experimenting, syllabus-free
of living, examination-free.

let the children go.
let the children go.

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