Friday, September 17, 2010

Human Extinction.

Nah that is not English. It's turrets. AHAHA.

I should learn how to stop randomly writing songs and recording them into video parts when I SHOULD BE INDULGING BOOKS.


acid rain, melting the poison-drenched weeds
gives a fa├žade moment, the autumn is here
after the scorching sun degrades our daily needs
and not giving time for winter birds to hear

the cries of eagles revolving downwards to their doom
into the sea of intense oil spill
taking everything away, including the mermaids too
Well, we just have to pay the mortgages and bills

Men can only grasp so much thin veils of, excuses
And one miracle at a time

yellow jackets hunting down those who stirred their nest
but they died mid-flight when the stale piercing breeze
blew upon the little ones trying their absolute best
to not look like spiders hanging mid-air, freeze

from the melting icebergs that had to go somewhere
the icy gust they brought along just can't lay there
bitter with nothing to trace intimidating fear upon
unlike us humans who groan at our leopard skin torn

torn, torn, torn, torn.

it's not fair, they don't have disguises, to frittle away from
the ever changing abnormal seasons, to run away from

The beautiful nature cannot cope with our swift, swift, changes
time is running out of us.
time is running out of us.

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