Monday, September 20, 2010

A Boring Essay.

Why I Don't Go To Studios To Record My Crap.

By Suiko Takahara.

Petty reason 1 :

As everyone who knows me knows me, I am the laziest person in their lives, if not on Earth.

Sub-conscious truth 1 :

I prefer focusing on broader things in life like learning how to make intergrated circuits and having skydiving mountain trekking sea kayaking experiences. Music is not only a part of ourselves, but a part of our daily lives. We eat. We sleep. We listen to music. I don't see reasonable enough reason to focus on gourmet food or designing a custom-made bed I can sleep in for the next century.

Petty reason 2 :

I'd rather waste the petroleum and money spent on going to a studio and pay for the sessions on dragging my friends to the mall and gobble plates of dimsum. Or drive aimlessly or to the aiport 50+ kilometers away and back for no reason.

Sub-conscious truth 2 :

Money is spent. The cycle needs to go on. Thus selling of music. The music my conscience wrote which I truly believe entirely comes from God should not be sold, in my opinion. Not that it is God-forsaken holier-than-thou or anything, it's just that they are gifts. Gifts are to be shared. I know well I don't deserve the money by that, so even if I do sell them, I'd love to send it away. Just to complete the cycle.

Petty reason 3 :

Studio is not my room. I can't have breaks like watching animes, down a bar of chocolate or two nor eat chicken rice in it. Plus. They don't have bed with super comfortable pillows to roll on and hug while recording. To the point I can sleep while working on the song.

Sub-conscious truth 3 :

Going to unfamiliar places and enclosed spaces make me feel like I'm working. I don't want to work. I don't want people to listen to me working. If I do it happily and annoyingly, albeit after getting depressed having to do a hundred takes until I eventually give up and settled for the one closest to mind, I want people listening to it to be happy and annoyed.

Petty reason 4 :

Time constraint due to the number of hours in a day and opening hours of studios.

Sub-conscious truth 4 :

I can't plan. Every layer of melodies I've done previously are mostly the ones my conscience come up with during recording. And I almost always spontaneously record in the wee hours of morning.

Petty reason 5 :

Retakes are inevitable. Unless each audio layer is flawless I will have to do over a thousand times. Which will take hours if were to be done in studios.

Sub-conscious truth 5 :

Flawless. That is what products of studio recording are. Not one glitch done. Not one alien note played. Not one vocal tone getting off-tune. No bass string buzzing. No words wrongly pronounced nor shouted. No crackling nor hissing. Too perfect. Too dreamy. Too harmonious. That's not human. Leave perfection to robots. I insist on being the normal imperfect human being I am.

I'm not trying to go all philosophical shait on you. I just can't sleep.

Everything especially the last part, mostly and only applies to me and my crap music.

I like others' studio recordings just fine. I'm still a human being who likes beautiful things.

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