Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Projek Video Kami(= Saya + Rakan-rakan Dan Kenalan Yang Dipaksa).

To those who had been randomly forced invited by me via Facebook, as promised, and a day earlier, the details. Questions should be posted on the comments section or Facebook AND NOT FORMSPRING. Because I don't even have that.

To those who had been invited later than the ones stated above, 1. I am sorry, 2. Like I said it was random, 3. Blame them because I already forced asked them politely begged them to invite you too.


My conscience, the very least, came up with this ridiculous idea of forcing my friends/acquaintances/those who know me(that's you!) to waste their time in this forced collab.


Reason? Seriously? Ok here's the thing. I've been trying to find a reasonable enough reason to reason with you but to be sincerely honest, I don't have any.

I can say things like 'I want to do this to get myself known more' but if I wanted to do that I would've spammed your Facebook pages every single day with the link to this blog and spam your inbox with every new song I come up with, no?

You : Alah, before this of kos la you dowan us to know, budden you got desperet, dat's why you do dis rait?

Because I know you won't believe me if I were to say 'I want to do this because during the time I came up with this stupid idea I was stressed from the examination and the stress turned into boredom and crazy notions' so I shall instead say this :

I rather you not venture away from this post and start opening the links on the sidebar because I still don't want any of you to listen to my crap music but you probably will anyway and whatever earbleeds/torn eardrums/ear-related injuries happens to you I will say in your degil tanak dengar cakap faces 'I TOLD YOU BLOODY SO.'

Plus, I know only three(probably less) of you are going to join me anyway. I'm just trying my tough luck fate.

Ok enough babble.


I will try my best not to put my face in it, though sadly my gremlin voice will be dominating the background of the clips. Try, because I might accidentally without realising show one eighth of my face while recording the video. And FYI, I won't be inserting the video clip I sent you in the final product. You'll understand why after you have watched it.

The chorus(the part you are required to sing) is in Japanese. I don't care if you don't sound like a Japanese unless you are, because, well duh, you're not Japanese. All I want is to see your lovely faces and singing with your own style(the hell now it sounds too magazine-y) and accents that not even the Japanese can copy. To make you proud, accents show that you, are, AWESOME(cue hidung kembang).

1. You can politely ask your friends seniors tutors teachers family members cats whatever to sing along with you, or you can dominate the whole clip yourself.
2. You can do it in any way you want : sing, rap, deathmetalscream, alto falsetto vibrato insert-opera-terms, poetically say the words as long as you follow the tempo. Because I know most of you have already gone to numerous karaoke trips so I put subtitles under the video for you to sing along.
3. You can insert anything you want before/after/before and after the chorus : dancing, goofing around, studying, eating drinking cycling shopping ANYTHING as long as it's appropriate.

I haven't decided on it yet but the sooner you send in the videos the earlier I can shove the final product IN YOR FES ok no but yes, no deadline for now. Plus, I know you are all busy with your lives so whenever you're extremely bored to death, instead of killing yourself you can spend some time on this, yes?


Questions? Comment section or Facebook or thevenopiansolitude. at. gmail. dot. com.

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