Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Rojak Uta 2 : Stampede.

The Rojak Uta(The First) :

I now know better than to rap like ever. I shall rap no mo.


Oh the Third World people,
Don't we fall, don't we stumble?
On each and every pointing finger
Of the narcissistic First World's.
We had to be organised,
In order to be recognised;
The ones apologising,
Flunks in production lines.
I know not you were God
Who had the veto to put on
The strongest armour man could make
And mighty words disassociating
All the kingdoms to be free,
All the kingdoms to be seen
As solitary standing,
Womanizing, full-o'-bribin',
Pimps; are flying cross-continents.
You can never be content
Until us, in the hands of you, our dear Commander;
We hail the very merry happy giddy 'New World Order'.

Nukes are dying, dying,
Bigots, streaking, streaking,
As all the slaves in the world start standing.
Dare you nullify,
The power of the rising!
You best to not forget the day you die in mighty stampede.

Ini khas dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan
Kerna aku kan pastikan
setiap derasnya ayat,
Kan tusuk sampai urat.
Tegang-teganglah berkata,
'Tuhan itu kita punya,'
Sedangkan Nabi sendiri,
Hari-hari nyaris mati;
Ditolak dan ditindas,
Quraisy yang tak berbelas.
Namun baginda tabah,
Menghuraikan betapa indahnya
Setiap wujud wanita,
Setiap wujud angkasa,
Setiap takut haiwan pada garang manusya.
Ilmu sebidang dada tak seluas Kalamullah!
Fatwa haram tak sesahih hujah Abu Hurairah!
Batok lepas di tangga, pegar makan padinya,
Anjing sendiri tahu; terang bayang itu penipu!
Barangkali kamu,
Lupa coretan lalu;
Rasul zaman akhir luas bertakbir bukan kamu!

Nukes are dying, dying,
Bigots streaking, streaking,
As all the commoner around start standing.
Dare you confiscate, the right to speculate!
Your death in stampede, that day; repent before it's too late.


Nukes are dying, dying,
Bigots streaking, streaking,
As all the brilliant young minds start standing,
Dare you isolate,
The power to be great!
The stampede will be the last scene;
as you meet your fate!


English translation/transliteration of the latter two verses :

This is specially(written) in the National Language
For I will make sure
Every swift sentence
Will thrust your nerves.
Saying ever so strictly
'God is ours,'
When the Prophet himself
meets near-death on a daily basis
being pushed and suppressed
By the heartless Quraishis,
But he stayed strong,
Kept on describing
Every (reason of) woman existing
Every (reason of) galaxy existing
Every (reason of) animals fearing the wrath of humans
The knowledge you bring isn't as expansive as Kalamullah(The Lord's words)!
Illegal fatwas aren't as valid as Abu Hurairah's argument/speech,
Coconut shell left on the steps, pheasant[a kind of bird] eating the paddy (of the paddy field trusted to it),
Even dogs know, the bright shadow is a liar!
Probably you,
Forgot what has been written long ago;
The last prophet to echo the takbeer is not you!

Japanese pronunciation :
Shinjitsu o kataru tabi, tameguchi (dame da yo!)
Nakama o hirogaru tabi, honshitsu (dame da yo!)
'Anmari ni mo, rippa na hito, no jinsei no you de ikite iku beki' to wa kihon deshou!
Saa, mokuhyou ni awanai mono wa dou narun da?
Masaka itsumo doori no jisatsu ka?
Rekishi no koroshi,
Seiyoku no suuhai,
Wairo de oyogi,
Sake de sei-ippai!
Omedetou! Sasuga, sono seido de wa
Ningenppoku na robotto tachi ga dekiagatta!
Mugon-sha, sara ni, chinmoku ni shizumu,
AHO-na-fourtyeight koto ni gouka ni moguru.
Itsumade kono michi o michibiku tsumori?
Itsumade aku o moriagarasetari?
Tamattoru, damattoru tsuyoi chikarao dase!
Kimi no mirai, kagayakase, sono yume!

Japanese translation :
When you tell the truth, casual talk (is a no-no!)
When you widen your circle of friends, the real you (is a no-no!)
'Live life according to the utmost worthy person's life', that's a basic(knowledge)!
Ok then, what about those who don't meet that goal?
Don't tell me, it's the usual Suicide?
The murder of History,
The worshipping of Lust,
Swimming in bribery,
(Drink) Sake to the fullest!
Congratulations! Truly with that system,
(You've) successfully created a bunch of humanoid robots!
'Hey, listen, what should I do from now on?
I want to do this and that but I have no courage!' (Haha!)
The quiet, further drowns in silence,
The AHO(=stupid)48, especially, dives in luxury,
Until when are you going to go down this road?
Until when are you going to let the evil rise?
That accumulated, silent but strong power; let it out!
Your future, brighten it up; that dream!


Note :
Manusya : the original Sanskrit, which evolves into the malay word 'Manusia', which means 'human'.
Batok lepas di tangga, pegar makan padinya : the latter, comes from the idiom 'Harapkan pegar, pegar makan padi'. Regarding the spelling, here's the explanation -->